•  The World's First Smart Police Laser Defense System

About TMG Americas

The Challenge

Today's modern police laser guns have incorporated a variable random pulse rate algorithm, or VRPR. This technology, also known as Electronic Counter Counter Measures (or ECCM), is an attempt by manufacturers to prevent jamming by laser defense systems. This ECCM technology has been used for years by the United States and Russian militaries to defeat laser guidance defense systems. These advanced ECCM technologies are nothing new to TMG engineers, and they have had protected IP strategies to defeat this technology in place since 1997.

Analytics Show the Patterns

There are hundreds of possible "slots" in which a variable rate laser gun can fire a pulse. For example here are the first ten pulses recorded from a 2018 modern VPR/ECCM active gun:

  • P001= 5.4002 ms
  • P002= 6.1403 ms
  • P003= 6.9803 ms
  • P004= 5.2303 ms
  • P005= 5.5503 ms
  • P006= 4.8003 ms
  • P007= 6.7703 ms
  • P008= 5.1203 ms
  • P009= 7.1503 ms
  • P010= 5.2203 ms
  • You can see the variable pulse rates. These rates can and are randomly adjusted on-the-fly to always be a different pattern.

    Todays Existing Laser Defense Solution

    Manufacturers of other laser defense systems buy versions of the guns used by law enforcement and record the various patterns and pulse rates. When their laser defense systems "see" a pulse rate they recognize, they "lookup" that algorithm and respond with a recorded or stored response. The problem is these pulse patterns can be changed at anytime by the laser gun manufacturers, and successful laser defense requires the system to already know how to respond to the pulse pattern.

    The TMG Solution

    Built on TMG proprietary solutions founded and utilized by defense departments around the world to defend from incoming laser guided missile systems, TMG utilizes an advanced predictive modeling algorithm to accurately defend against these guns.

    TMG can accurately predict what the next pattern will be with a high degree of accuracy.

    Better Mousetrap

    TMG methodology to defeat these newer guns is much more accurate than record and download a constantly changing environment and hoping you have the latest database loaded. We had to do it this way back in the 90's as the Russians wouldn't let us borrow their missiles to record all their ECCM algorithms.